Christoph Rode

reißbrett - Christoph Rode

das Reißbrett im deutschen Wohnzimmer | 155 x 250 cm | Oil on Canvas | 2016

Christoph Rode (* 1984, Berlin) is a German painter and graphic artist.
Rodes mostly large-scale works in oil and acrylic on canvas point to an alienation of landscape or space-like scenarios. His style can be described as figurative abstraction.
At first glance, his works appear to be completed picture worlds full of content painted with a hard brush stroke. These, however, mutate into a separate world in which the reality is reassembled at different spots and connecting points. The background of the work usually follows its own formal language, which is composed of pieces and fragments .
Rode enables the viewer to anticipate the content by interpreting coloring and the arrangment of the content. The mindful observer is expected by a familiar situation, which is expressed in an imaginary way - in an interaction between the visible and the timeless.


  • Berlin
  • lives and works in Berlin.
  • Graphic artist & painter
  • Graphic artist, University of Management at Communication
  • Graphic artist, Theater Mogul


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  • Christoph Rode