Christoph Rode

allgemeine Verunsicherung - Christoph Rode

allgemeine Verunsicherung | 135 x 155 cm | Oil on Canvas | 2018

Christoph Rode (* 1984, Berlin) is a German painter and graphic artist.

Rode’s mostly large format works take on room or landscape situations. They remind the viewer of stage installations and multidimensional scenarios filled with fragmented content.

This peculiar and individual imagery occasionally allows itself to be identified as being set in a certain time period through elements such as the interior design or items of clothing. The works, however, do not symbolize the time period portrayed. They also do not represent a processing of the artist’s emotions, thoughts, or surroundings. Instead the painter looks for inspiration in reproductions, newspapers, history books, and films. He primarily uses material from eastern Germany and the eastern European region dated between 1950 and 1990. Usually an idea gathered there is the starting spark for a painting and will be subtly integrated into the work. Political and everyday themes are also not usually covered by Rode. The materials he uses, the objects, and the seemingly typical spatial layout show an alienation in a possibly familiar situation.

It is the search for a roar of silence within a space.

The smell of old interior and carpets, the feel of old textured wallpaper or fabrics that linger in the memory provide the painter with elements for his scenarios. Rode is fascinated by contrasts in color, form, and content in his paintings, as well as an incomprehensible dialog that can only succeed when open questions remain in the room. Questions, which even the painter cannot answer.


  • Berlin
  • lives and works in Berlin.
  • Graphic artist & painter
  • Graphic artist, University of Management at Communication
  • Graphic artist, Theater Mogul


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  • Christoph Rode